Photo and image rights

One mouse click and your images are copied and reposted in someone else's context. In times of digital photography, it is easy for third parties to use your photographic material for other people's purposes. The result is countless copyright infringements due to unauthorised use or copying of your photographs. We have specialised in protecting your image and photo rights.

On the other hand, it is not always easy to know whether and to what extent third-party images may be used for your own purposes. Only a few images that can be found on the Internet may be used without restriction. We therefore also support you in defending yourself against warnings that you have received because of the use of femden images.

Problems can also quickly arise when photos of people are published. In the past, the protection concept of the German Art Copyright Act (Kunsturhebergesetz) was decisive for the unauthorised publication of photographs of people. The right to one's own image regulated therein protects individuals from the dissemination of their own likeness. Such likenesses may then only be published with your consent. Such a likeness also constitutes personal data, which is why even data protection principles may now apply. We will check for you in each individual case which claims you are entitled to due to the infringement of your right to your own image.

If there is an infringement, it must first be remedied before you can assert your claims in court. With a warning letter, we request the other party to issue a cease-and-desist declaration with a penalty clause. In principle, you first have the right to information regarding the extent of the unauthorised use. In addition, you may also be entitled to injunctive relief and damages.

We represent and advise you in the extrajudicial as well as judicial enforcement and defence of claims relating to photo and image rights. 

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