Press Law, Word and Picture reporting rights

Press law is concerned with statements and image reporting in the classic print media as well as in online media.
It often happens that press law and the public's interest in information collide with the individual's personal rights. In this case, freedom of opinion and freedom of the press are in conflict with the general right of personality. If there is a conflict of interests between the individual positions protected by fundamental rights, a balancing of interests must take place. 

Typically, a violation of the right of personality occurs above all in cases of false reporting, untrue statements of fact, defamation, defamation of character, defamatory criticism, but also in cases of infringing internet ratings.

As the person affected, you may be entitled to a counterstatement, a cease-and-desist order or a claim for damages against an inadmissible statement or photo report.

The good reputation of companies can also be endangered and permanently damaged by false reporting or the like.

We advise and represent companies, in particular platform operators, as well as freelancers and private individuals in the event of threats to their reputation or infringements of their right of personality.

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