Social media law

Social media platforms have become indispensable and are used by many on a daily basis. It is easier than ever not only to view other people's content, but also to upload and publish or share one's own content.

When dealing with Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and Co., companies in particular, but also influencers, have to face numerous legal challenges. For example, when it comes to data protection, imprint, liability, drafting contracts or posting advertisements, support is often needed on the question of what is allowed and what can cause difficulties.

The question of whether you are outside the legal framework therefore arises in particular if you want to use the social media platforms not only privately but also commercially. No matter whether it is your company profile that you use for marketing purposes or for customer acquisition, or whether you have set up your own business as an influencer and content creator.

We support you in meeting the legal requirements and advise you if you want to use your reach for commercial purposes. In the event of problems that may arise in the context of using social media platforms, we will find the right solution for you. 

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